Ion Exchange Plants


PROTECNO designs and builds ion exchange plants for primary, process and discharge waters.
Introduced at the beginning of the last century, the ion exchange resin plants are still essential for certain water treatments. Properly used, the ion exchange units can reach a standard, not possible to obtain with other systems.
The configurations of these units are sometimes rather difficult and therefore must be designed and built with effective technology in order to guarantee the required results.


Protecno manufactures ion exchange plants utilizing regeneration ion exchange resins according to the following technologies:

  • Regeneration in “co-current”
  • Regeneration in “counter-current”
  • Mixed regeneration
  • Regeneration with special cycles


The plants manufactured with these technologies are utilized for the following applications:

Primary waters

  • Softening
  • Decanting
  • Decarbonisation
  • Partial demineralization
  • Total demineralization
  • Selective elimination of undesired material
  • Production of ultra pure water
Process water

  • Selective elimination of undesired material
  • Recycling of wash water
  • Special applications
Waste water

  • Recycling of waste water
  • Selective elimination of heavy metals
  • Selective elimination of undesired material