Equipment & Automation


In the “Automation” department PROTECNO designs and builds the commanding electric panels for all the supplied plants.
The automation is the focal point of every plant and the correct functioning is essential for the proper performance of every treatment system.

This technical department, composed of qualified electrotechnicians assembles all the required phases for the management of works:

  • Design
  • Definition of materials
  • Technical management
  • Certifications
  • Edition of manual booklet
  • Training

The most modern computing instruments for the calculation and the design along with the constant updating of the technical innovations and rules guarantee the constant quality and reliability of the works.

The electric panels and automation systems built by Protecno are utilized for the command, control and supervision of all the electric equipments that compose every plant for the treatment of primary, process and discharge waters.


Protecno is able to supply all the required instruments for the manufacturing of the treatment plants for primary, process and discharge waters. Most of these are built in the Protecno workshop and in particular:

  • Surface aerator
  • Submerged aerator
  • Slow agitator
  • Fast agitator
  • Automatic polyelectrolyte switch-board
  • Water and air filters
  • Manual grid
  • Automatic grid
  • Step grid
  • Piping in Fe
  • Piping in AISI
  • Plastic piping
  • Central traction sludge scraper
  • Peripheral traction sludge scraper
  • Thickener
  • Scrubber and equipment for fume rinses
  • Dosing lime system
  • Chemical dosing system
  • Air and oxygen distribution systems
  • Supporting structure
  • Prismatic reaction tank
  • Circular reaction tank