Outsourcing & Rental


Protecno is organized to supply on rent treatment plants to Clients who have a temporary requirement or wish to verify the performance on field of the proposed plant before the purchase. Normally, the plants on rent are for the desalination and demineralization (mainly for Electric Power Stations or Water Resource Consortiums) where a temporary or unforeseen “out of service” of plants occurs, or where the occasional pollution of the water sources results to be convenient to hire rather than to purchase. Protecno is able also to supply plants with a long duration contract with the management costs included and the final purchase of the plant (outsourcing). This solution, becoming popular, grants several advantages to the Clients, as they can delegate Protecno the management and maintenance responsibility paying the treating system costs on instalments.

Plants on rent

  • Filtration plants
  • Potable plants
  • Reverse osmosis plants for brackish water
  • Reverse osmosis plants for sea water
  • Ion exchange demineralization plants
  • Mixed bed polishing plants
  • Softening plants
  • Treatment plants for waste water
  • Dosing plants
  • Diesel-power set